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From semi-classical to quantum many body through normal forms

First Announcement


"From semi-classical to quantum many body through normal forms

will take place at the Department of Mathematics "Federigo Enriques"

of Università degli Studi di Milano

from December 17th, 2019 afternoon to December 20th, 2019.

More informations will be available at
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The participation is free, but we kindly ask to register by sending an e-mail to the scientific commettee.

In recent years there has been a growing activity on the problem of justification of mean field equations for many body quantum systems, with particular attention to the semiclassical limit. The methods used are often reminescent of averaging and normal form methods typically used in the theory of dynamical systems.
Furthermore, semiclassical methods have shown that there are deep connections between dynamical properties of a Hamiltonian system and the spectral properties of the corresponding quantum operator.
The purpuse of this workshop is to discuss the relationships between normal form methods, spectral theory and effective equations in order to try to export the corresponding techniques from one field to the others.


Macia, Fabricio   
Popov, Guergui   
Porta, Marcello   
Procesi, Michela   
Robert, Didier   
Saffirio, Chiara
Schlein, Benjamin
Vu Ngoc, San   

Scientific Commettee:

Dario Bambusi
Vieri Mastropietro
Riccardo Montalto
Simone Paleari


23 ottobre 2019
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