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Seminario / Burban



Nell'ambito del seminario congiunto di geometria algebrica organizzato 

dai Dipartimenti di Matematica dell'Università e del Politecnico di Milano, 

Lunedì 28 Gennaio 2019 alle ore 14.30

presso l’Aula C

 del Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Università di Milano


si terrà il seguente seminario:


Igor Burban

(Università di Paderborn)


Algebraic geometry of the classical Yang-Baxter equation


Abstract: In my talk, an algebro-geometric description of solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation (CYBE) will be explained. Namely, I am going to show that  any pair (E, A), where E is an irreducible plane cubic curve and A a coherent  torsion free sheaf of Lie algebras (whose generic fiber is a given complex simple Lie algebra) with vanishing cohomology, canonically defines a solution of CYBE. It turns out that at least all elliptic and rational solutions of CYBE arise this way. The developed method will be illustrated by explicit examples. This talk is based on joint works with Lennart Galinat, Thilo Henrich and Alexander Stolin.

17 gennaio 2019
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