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Seminario / Capasso

Nell’ambito del


Mercoledì 23 Gennaio alle ore 15.30

in Aula  di Rappresentanza

del Dipartimento di Matematica (Via Saldini, 50)


il Prof. Vincenzo Capasso  

(Centre for Advanced Applied Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) ,

Universitá degli Studi di Milano “La Statale” Milano, Italy

 terrà un seminario dal titolo


Regional control for a spatially structured malaria model


A two-component reaction-diffusion system to describe the spatial spread of malaria is considered. The model describes the dynamics of the infected mosquitoes and of the infected humans. Three actions are proposed for controlling the spread of the disease, to be implemented only in a suitably chosen subdomain of the habitat: killing of mosquitoes, medical treatment of the infected humans and reduction of the contact rate mosquitoes-humans.

To start with, the problem of the eradicability of the disease is considered, independently of the cost of the controls. It has been proven that it is possible to decrease exponentially both the human and the vector infective population everywhere in the relevant habitat by acting only a suitable subdomain.

Later the regional control problem of reducing the total cost of the damages produced by the disease, of the controls and of the intervention in a certain subdomain is treated for the finite time horizon case.

The level set method is used as a key ingredient for describing the subregion of intervention.

Work performed in collaboration with:

Sebastian Anita

Faculty of Mathematics, ``Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' University of Iaşi, and

``Octav Mayer'' Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy,



Gabriel Dimitriu

Department of Medical Informatics and Biostatistics,

University of Medicine and Pharmacy ``Grigore T. Popa'' of Iaşi, Romania



Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare


per informazioni: bernhard.ruf@unimi.it, francesca.messina@unimi.it, marta.calanchi@unimi.it



10 gennaio 2019
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