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Seminario / Goren

Friday June 7th (next week)

at 11 sharp, in Aula C,


prof. Eyal GOREN

from McGill University


will give a talk:

Title: p-adic dynamics of Hecke operators


Abstract: Let p and q be distinct primes. In a joint work with Payman Kassaei (King’s College) we are studying questions concerning the dynamics of the Hecke operator T_q in its action on the modular curves X_1(N), where (N, pq) = 1, in the p-adic topology. Using Serre-Tate coordinates and isogeny volcanoes for points of X_1(N) with ordinary reduction, and using the graphs of supersingular elliptic curves and the Gross-Hopkins period map for points with supersingular reduction, we are able to get rather precise understanding of orbits of points. If time allows, I will also discuss the work of Herrero, Menares and Rivera-Letelier that is complementary to ours.

07 giugno 2019
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