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Seminario / Marangoni

Our next seminar will be given by


Davide Marangoni,


on Friday February 22nd (next Friday),

at 2 pm sharp, in Aula C.


Title: Hodge completed derived de Rham algebra of a perfect ring


Abstract: Derived de Rham cohomology has been recently used in several contexts, as in works of Beilinson, Bhatt and Morin. Inspired by some results of Morin, we aimed to compute Hodge completed derived de Rham complex in the case of a rings map $\Z\longrightarrow k$, factoring through $\F_p$, with $k$ a perfect ring (i.e. the Frobenius map is an automorphism).       


Fabrizio Andreatta

19 febbraio 2019
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