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Seminario / Mastropietro

5 Marzo, ORE 10:45, AULA DOTTORATO

Vieri Mastropietro

Titolo: Spins, Dimers and emergent Gaussian free fields

Abstract: Universality is a basic property of statistical physics.It
has been mathematically established in exactly solvable 2D Ising or
dimer models, where it appears related to an emergent Gaussian
description (see e.g.Kenyon, Okounkov, Sheffield '06 for dimers), but
very few results are known when integrability is broken. The
introduction of Renormalization Group methods allows to rigorously
establish universality and the emergent Gaussian free field
description also in absence of integrability, like in interacting
Ising models, Vertex and interacting dimers. Applications to condensed
matter problems, like fermionic edge states in topological insulators,
will be also described.

27 febbraio 2018
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