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Seminario / Menni

Martedì 19 settembre alle ore 14.30 presso l'Aula C (II piano),

il prof. Matias Menni (Università di La Plata, Argentina)
terrà un intervento dal titolo:

“Ten years of Axiomatic Cohesion”.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Ten years of Axiomatic Cohesion. Lawvere observes in the Author Commentary of [L5] that ``The simple idea
at the core of this paper has not yet been much pursued by workers in topos theory".
This simple idea to axiomatise the ``distinctive internal connectedness of a topos
that models all spaces of a `general' combinatorial, algebraic, or smooth kind"
is revisited in [L7]. This 2007 paper has incited other workers to pursue the idea.
The purpose of the talk is to recall the axioms in [L5],
explain the new ideas introduced in [L7] and discuss some of the work that it incited.
In particular, that by Johnstone, by Marmolejo, by the speaker and by Lawvere himself.
[L5] Lawvere, F. W. Categories of spaces may not be generalized spaces as exemplified
by directed graphs. Reprinted from Rev. Colombiana Mat. 20 (1986), no. 3-4, 179–185.
Repr. Theory Appl. Categ. No. 9 (2005), 1–7. [L7] Lawvere, F. W. Axiomatic cohesion.
Theory Appl. Categ. 19 (2007), No. 3, 41–49.
13 settembre 2017
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