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Seminario / Mikhalkin

Giovedì 17 maggio 2018, alle ore 17:00 precise 

  presso la Sala di Rappresentanza del Dipartimento di Matematica,

Università di Milano in Via Saldini 50

Université de Genève

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"Maximally writhed real algebraic knots and links"

Abstract: The Alexander-Briggs tabulation of knots in R^3 (started almost a century ago, and considered as one of the most traditional ones in classical Knot Theory) is based on the minimal number of crossings for a knot diagram. From the point of view of Real Algebraic Geometry it is more natural to consider knots in RP^3 rather than R^3, and use a different number also serving as a measure of complexity of a knot: the minimal degree of a real algebraic curve representing this knot.

As it was noticed by Oleg Viro about 20 years ago, the writhe of a knot diagram becomes an invariant of a knot in the real algebraic set-up, and corresponds to a Vassiliev invariant of degree 1. In the talk we’ll survey these notions, and consider the knots with the maximal possible writhe for its degree. Surprisingly, it turns out that there is a unique maximally writhed knot in RP^3 for every degree d. Furthermore, this real algebraic knot type has a number of characteristic properties, from the minimal number of diagram crossing points (equal to d(d-3)/2) to the minimal number of transverse intersections with a plane (equal to d-2). Based on a series of joint works with Stepan Orevkov.


Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Il direttore del Seminario
Irene Sabadini

Per ulteriori informazioni sulle attività del seminario: http://www.mate.polimi.it/smf

11 maggio 2018
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