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Seminario / Zhang

Next Friday, January 25that 11 sharp in Aula C,
Dr. Chao Zhang

will talk about:

On the Ekedahl-Kottwitz-Oort-Rapoport stratifications on certain Shimura varieties

The Ekedahl-Kottwitz-Oort-Rapoport (EKOR for short) stratifications are
introduced by Xuhua He and Michael Rapoport as common generalizations of
the Kottwitz-Rapoport stratifications in the Iwahori level, and the
Ekedahl-Oort stratifications in the hyperspecial level. In this talk, I
will explain how to use scheme-theoretic methods to define and study
these stratifications. This is a joint work with Xu Shen and Chia-Fu Yu.

23 gennaio 2019
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