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“Diffuse Interface Models” - DIMO 2013

We are pleased to announce the CIRM Workshop
         “Diffuse Interface Models” - DIMO 2013
       Levico Terme (Italy), September 10-13, 2013
Scientific and Organizing Committee
Pierluigi Colli (Pavia), Elisabetta Rocca (Milano), Giulio Schimperna (Pavia)
Web page:
where you can find information, register, and apply for a poster
presentation. No registration fee is required.
The Workshop is sponsored by CIRM and the ERC Program EntroPhase.
The main aim of the workshop is to bring together international experts
in the analytical and numerical aspects of diffuse interface models.
Modeling, analytical and numerical aspects of the related PDE systems
will be discussed with a particular emphasis on applications.
In particular, the workshop will be focused on the following subjects:
      Diffuse interface models for interacting fluids
      Liquid crystals
      Phase transitions and contact problems
      Well-posedness and regularity of solutions
      Long-time behavior and control problems
The program of the workshop will consist of invited lectures and posters.
It will be made available on the web at due time.
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