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QFT Day in Milan

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Dear Colleagues, I would like to announce an open invitation to an informal workshop to be held at the University of Milan on Thursday, 13 Apr 2017. The title is QFT Day in Milan: mathematical aspects of renormalization The goal is to build a bridge between local communities working on mathematical aspects of Quantum Field Theory from the two different directions: non-perturbative/constructive theory (low dimensions, Euclidean, non-relativistic, etc) and formally perturbative theory (curved spacetimes, geometries with boundaries, etc). To simplify the scheduling and the organization, the target audience are people in and around Milan, with a background in the elements of relativistic or non-relativistic QFT, with an interest in rigorous mathematical approaches. The lectures are intended to be informal and to emphasize the pedagogical aspect, rather than new results. They will take place from 9:00 to 17:30 on 13 Apr 2017, in the Sala di Rappresentanza, at the Department of Mathematics, University of Milan Via Cesare Saldini, 50, 20133 Milano Please see the attached poster with the workshop program and all the relevant details. Please feel free to forward this announcement to whoever you think might be interested. Please do not hesitate to contact the Organizers with any questions. Sincerely, The Organizers (Igor Khavkine and Vieri Mastropietro)
22 marzo 2017
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