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Seminario / Alessandro Rossi

Il giorno 29 Novembre 2017
alle ore 15:45 (esatte), presso la sala di rappresentanza del Dip. di Matematica
il Dr. Alessandro Rossi (IFAC-CNR di Sesto Fiorentino) parlera' di

Dinamica risonante in orbita terrestre bassa:
verso un approccio globale alla mitigazione dei detriti spaziali

Resonant dynamics in Low Earth Orbit: towards a global approach to
space debris mitigation

The growth of the number of space objects in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) region
requires both the implementation of prevention strategies and the outline of
advanced re-entry solutions at the end of the operational life of a satellite.
By means of a dedicated orbit propagator, we studied the dynamics of sample
objects over 120 years, in a dense grid of orbital elements covering the whole
LEO phase space, considering two initial epochs.

The final goal of this analysis is to build a complete cartography of the LEO
phase space identifying the most suitable perturbations to be exploited to
facilitate the passive dynamical de-orbiting of spacecraft at the end of life.
The output of the simulations highlighted that the
orbital perturbations due to geopotential, lunisolar perturbations and solar
radiation pressure can significantly change the eccentricity of the orbit at
selected inclinations bands. A Fourier transform analysis confirmed the role of
specific resonances in the eccentricity evolution as a function of the initial
orbital elements. A simplified analytical model able to estimate the maximum
eccentricity which can be achieved for well-defined initial conditions is derived.

The dynamical study is part of a Horizon 2020 project aimed at
a global approach to the space debris mitigation, including innovative
technological solutions that, coupled with the theoretical findings,
should enhance the compliance with the debris mitigation guidelines.
A short description of this technological part will be given too.

This work is funded through the European Commission Horizon 2020, Frame-
work Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020), under the ReDSHIFT
project (grant agreement n. 687500).

Joint work with: E.M. Alessi, G. Schettino, G.B. Valsecchi

22 novembre 2017
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