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Seminario / Caucci


Nell'ambito del seminario congiunto di geometria algebrica organizzato dai Dipartimenti di Matematica dell'Università e del Politecnico di Milano,

giovedì 12 novembre 2020 alle 14:00

si terrà il seguente seminario online (Stanza Zoom Z11:https://zoom.us/j/6815382946):

Federico Caucci
(Università degli Studi di Firenze)


Stability of syzygy bundles on abelian varieties

Abstract: Given a smooth projective variety X, the syzygy (or kernel) bundle associated to an ample and globally generated line bundle L on X is the kernel of the evaluation morphism of global sections of L. These bundles naturally appear in various areas of algebra and geometry, therefore there is some interest in studying their properties. Recently, Ein-Lazarsfeld-Mustopa conjectured the slope stability of the syzygy bundle of a sufficiently ample line bundle L on X. In a joint work with M. Lahoz, we prove this fact in the case of abelian varieties. I will present our results, and some likely generalizations.

12 novembre 2020
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