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Seminario / Goren

Venerdi' 22 novembre alle 15.30 in Aula C

il prof. Eyal Goren
(McGill University)

terrà  un seminario dal titolo:

On the reduction of certain modular surfaces

Abstract: The reduction of the modular curves X_0(1) and X_0(p) is familiar to many and has been used in many arithmetic applications. For example, it provides the Eichler-Shimura congruence relation, the canonical subgroup theory etc. In this talk I will discuss the reduction of certain modular surfaces — Hilbert-Blumenthal surfaces and Picard modular surfaces — and some of the results we have above them. I will present results obtained in collaboration with Andreatta, Kassaei and De Shalit, as well as results by Pappas, Wedhorn, Ziegler, Rapoport and others.

18 novembre 2019
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