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Seminario / Lhotka


Mercoledi 12 Dicembre - ore 11:00 - SALA RAPPRESENTANZA

Speaker: Christoph Lhotka (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Title: Charged particle dynamics in celestial mechanics

Abstract. We investigate the dynamics of a charged particle subject to an electric and magnetic field in the framework of the classical restricted three-body problem found in celestial mechanics. The dynamical system is derived in terms of a generalized vector potential that allows to treat the dynamical problem in the setting of Hamiltonian dynamics. Typical applications are found in the modelization of the dynamics of charged dust in the solar system subject to the interplanetary magnetic field. We focus on the secular problem based on first-order averaging, and provide numerical results close to mean-motion resonance of the test particle with the perturbing planet.

Link alla pagina del gruppo: http://www.mat.unimi.it/users/sansotte/FM/fm_seminars.php#Lhotka_20181213
Per info: tiziano.penati@unimi.it/marco.sansottera@unimi.it


10 dicembre 2018
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