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Seminario / Mari

Venerdì 2 marzo 2018, alle ore 14:30,
presso il Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di
Matematica, Aula seminari 3° piano, nell'ambito
delle iniziative della sezione di Analisi, si svolgerà il seguente

Titolo: Maximum principles at infinity and the Ahlfors-Khas’minskii duality
Relatore: Luciano Mari, Scuola Normale Superiore

Maximum principles at infinity (or ”almost maximum principles”), such as
for instance Ekeland and Omori-Yau principles, are a powerful tool to
investigate the geometry of Riemannian manifolds. Their validity is
intimately related to the geometry of the underlying space M, and
exhibit deep relations with the theory of stochastic processes on M and
to potential theory. In the first part of the talk, I will present a
survey of a few geometric applications to motivate the study of these
principles, and discuss their link with probability. Then, I will
discuss a recent underlying duality with the existence of suitable
exhaustion functions called Khas’minskii potentials. Indeed, duality
holds for a broad class of fully-nonlinear operators of geometric interest.
This is joint work with Leandro F. Pessoa

23 febbraio 2018
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