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Seminario / Martinengo


Nell'ambito del seminario congiunto di geometria algebrica organizzato dai Dipartimenti di Matematica dell'Università e del Politecnico di Milano,

il 28 aprile alle 14:30

presso la Aula C del Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Università  di Milano si terrà il seguente seminario:

Elena Martinengo
(Università degli Studi di Torino)

Kaledin class and formality of the moduli space of sheaves on K3s

In 2007 Kaledin proved a geometric theorem of formality in familes using as major tool a class that he associated to a differential graded algebra (or in general to an A-infinity algebra).
In this talk I will explain how this "Kaledin" class is defined, in which part of the Hochschild cohomology it lives and why its vanishing controls the formality. 
As an application of this theory I will sketch a proof of the conjecture formulated by Kaledin and Lehn in 2007 about the singularities of the moduli space of sheaves on a K3 surface. This last part is a work in progress with Manfred Lehn.
19 aprile 2017
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