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Seminario / Masoero

Next thursday the 20th from 15.30 (sharp) to 16.00, in Aula Dottorato

Daniele Masoero

will talk about 
Kolyvagin’s conjecture and the Bloch-Kato formula for modular forms

Abstract: A few years ago, Wei Zhang proved (under certain assumptions) Kolyvagin’s conjecture on the non-triviality of his system of cohomology classes built out of the Euler system of Heegner points on a rational elliptic curve.
This led him to a proof of the p-part of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer formula in analytic rank one. In this talk I will describe an analogue of Kolyvagin’s conjecture for Heegner cycles on Kuga-Sato varieties and state the p-part of the Bloch-Kato formula for higher (even) weight modular forms in analytic rank one.
I will briefly sketch our strategy  of  proof  of  these  results.   This  is  joint  work  (in  progress) with Matteo Longo and Stefano Vigni.

12 dicembre 2018
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