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Seminario / Montalto

Lunedi 12 Novembre - ore 13:30 - SALA RAPPRESENTANZA

Riccardo Montalto

terrá un seminario dal titolo

Quasi-periodic solutions of water waves.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare. Segue abstract.

Per info: tiziano.penati@unimi.it/marco.sansottera@unimi.it



In this talk I will present some recent results concerning the existence and the stability of quasi-periodic solutions for the 2D-Euler equation of an irrotational and incompressible fluid under the action of the gravity. After an overview on the KAM theory for PDEs, I will discuss the tools needed in order to prove KAM theory for PDEs with quasi-linear and fully-nonlinear nonlinearities.                                                                                                 The proof is obtained by combining perturbation theory (which comes from the world of Dynamical systems) and Pseudo differential calculus (which comes the world of microlocal analysis).

07 novembre 2018
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