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Seminario / Pelegrin



“Robertson-Walker cosmology and maximal hypersurfaces”


Speaker: Jose Antonio S. Pelegrin

Universidad de Granada


Aula Dottorato 15 /5/ 2017 alle ore 14:00



Abstract: In this talk we will study complete maximal hypersurfaces in the cosmological models known as Robertson-Walker spacetimes. In particular, we will focus on spatially open (n+1)-dimensional Robertson-Walker spacetimes with flat fiber, since recent observations have shown that they are suitable models to describe our universe. Under natural geometric and physical assumptions we will obtain new Calabi-Bernstein type results for these hypersurfaces that we will apply to some relevant spacetimes, such as the steady state spacetime, the Einstein-de Sitter spacetime and certain radiation models.


09 maggio 2017
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