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Spring School "Rate-independent evolutions and hysteresis modelling"

We are pleased to announce the Spring School on

         "Rate-independent evolutions and hysteresis modelling" 

       Milano (Italy), May 27-31, 2013

Scientific and Organizing Committee
Stefano Bosia (Politecnico of Milano), Michela Eleuteri (University of Milano), Elisabetta Rocca (University of Milano), Enrico Valdinoci
(University of Milano)

Web page:

where you can find information, register, and apply for a contributed talk. Registration is free but mandarìtory.

The Workshop is sponsored by SIAM  - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; FP7-IDEAS-ERC Starting Grant 2010 #256872
"Entro-Phase" (PI: E. Rocca) and  FP7-IDEAS-ERC Starting Grant 2011 #277749 "EPSILON" (PI: E. Valdinoci)

The interest in hysteresis and rate-independent phenomena is shared by scientists with a great variety of different backgrounds. This
because we can encounter these processes in many situations of common life:  for instance in physics we can find them in elasto-plasticity,
ferromagnetism, shape memory alloys, phase transitions, but they are also present in engineering, biology, economics and in many other
settings, playing an important role in many applications.
The nodal point is the fact that the complexity that characterizes phenomena of this kind necessarily requires a joint contribution of
experts with different skills and only a good sinergy and cooperation among these people leads to concrete advances in the technological
development of our society.

The aim of this school is to bring together experts in different fields (mathematicians, physicists, engineers) with the intent of
presenting some resent research directions with the clearest possible language and in a interdisciplinary setting, along the purposes of
the PoliMi SIAM Student Chapter


The goal is to attract students and let them aware of what important consequences progresses in these fields may have.

The program of the workshop will consist of mini-courses and some selected contributed talks and it will be made available on the web at
due time.

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