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Seminario / Mancini

Seminario di Analisi NonLineare

Martedì 30 maggio alle 14.35 in Sala di rappresentanza del dipartimento di matematica (Via Saldini, 50)
Gabriele Mancini (Universität Basil) 
terrà un seminario dal titolo

Critical points and extremals of Moser-Trudinger type functionals on a disk


We shall give a new approach to the Moser–Trudinger inequality and the existence of its extremals on the unit disk of R^2. 
Subtly estimating the energy of critical points of subcritical inequalities, we will show that a suitable sequence of such critical points does not blow up
 and in fact converges to an extremal of the critical Moser–Trudinger inequality. This approach allows to prove existence of critical points for small perturbations of the
 Moser–Trudinger functional. Several open questions will be discussed.
This talk is based on a joint work with Luca Martinazzi.
22 maggio 2017
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