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Seminario / Schlein


Lunedì 20 settembre alle  17:00

si svolgerà online (seguirà link) il seguente seminario:

Benjamin Schlein, University of Zurich

“Landau–Pekar equations and quantum fluctuations for the dynamics of a polaron”

Abstract: In this talk, we are going to discuss the dynamics of a polaron, at large coupling. For initial data of Pekar product form, with a coherent phonon field and with the electron minimising the corresponding field energy, we provide a norm approximation of the evolution, valid up to times quadratic in the coupling constant. The approximation is given in terms of a Pekar product state, evolved through the Landau-Pekar equations and corrected by a Bogoliubov dynamics describing quantum fluctuations. I will explain the similarities with the study of the evolution of interacting bosons. This talk is based on joint work with Nikolai Leopold, David Mitrouskas, Simone Rademacher and Robert Seiringer.

09 settembre 2021
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