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Seminario / Borgonovi

Nell’ambito delle nuove

“Lezioni Agnesi” - Le Donne e la Matematica -

il giorno 20 giugno 2022 alle ore 17
in Sala di Rappresentanza

 e in streaming (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5772228296),

Francesca Borgonovi

terrà un seminario dal titolo

“Insights from international large-scale assessments on gender gaps
in mathematics (and other achievement domains)” 



The presentation will explore evidence from international large-scale assessments on gender gaps in mathematics and other key achievement domains such as science, reading as well as problem-solving and collaborative problem-solving, attitudes, and self-beliefs. It will also highlight how the computer-based administration of achievement tests can be used to map gender differences in task persistence, motivation as well as the problem-solving strategies used by students. The presentation will illustrate some applications of log files that are generated by the test delivery platforms when test-takers interact with the testing delivery platform, as well as a natural experiment arising from the adoption of the first computer-based version of the Programme for International Student Assessment. Finally, the presentation will focus on Italy and use data from INVALSI to highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the progression of boys and girls in mathematics and reading as they completed primary and lower secondary school.



 Il seminario è rivolto a tutte le persone che frequentano il Dipartimento: a
 partire da studentesse e studenti, fino al personale docente.

09 giugno 2022
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