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Seminario / Tione

Mercoledì 14 giugno in Aula 3 alle ore 14:00
Riccardo TIONE 
(Max Planck Institute Leipzig)
presenterà un seminario dal titolo:
The multi-bubble problems for convex sets
The $k$-bubble problem concerns the classification of minimizers/critical points of the area of the boundary of $k$-sets under variations that keep the volume of every set fixed. For $k = 1$, one obtains the classical isoperimetric problem. In this case, one is led to study constant mean curvature surfaces. Under mild assumptions on the surface, it can be shown that the only solution is then a sphere. If $k = 2$ M. Hutchings, F. Morgan, M. Ritoré, and A. Ros showed that the standard double bubble is the only minimizer for the problem in $\R^3$. Recently, E. Milman and J. Neeman proved that the standard triple bubble is the only minimizer in $\R^3$ for $k = 3$. In this talk, I will present a joint work with A. De Rosa concerning the classification of critical points for the double and triple bubble ($k =2$ and $k = 3$) problem assuming the sets involved to be convex.
Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.


12 giugno 2023
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